Which Rust Proofing Method To Use?

rusty white carWhat is the best rust prevention method that is worth your investment? That’s the question posed in an article by Car Help Canada.

The article points out that some regions of Canada receive less precipitation, but that regions receiving large amounts of precipitation (like Ontario and the maritime provinces) are particularly prone to automobile rusting due to humidity and the prevalent use of road salt in the winter.

Historically, as vehicles gained popularity, methods of rust prevention were developed including galvanized steel which enabled automobiles to remain on the road longer. However, this led to a different set of rust-based fears: now, the most pressing concern is not regarding external or aesthetic rust, but rust that compromises integral parts like brake and fuel lines, cooling and power steering tubes, and electrical connectors.

Some auto dealers recommend electronic rust inhibitors, which theoretically interrupt the electro-chemical reaction that creates rust but they have not been thoroughly tested in practical scenarios. Furthermore, as Car Help Canada points out, electronic rust inhibitors primarily protect the external sheet metal of a vehicle and leave many key internal parts vulnerable.

Ultimately, Car Help Canada recommends the oil-based coating method like the one Oil Gard has been applying to the vehicles of our satisfied customers for years.

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