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Oil Gard has been protecting the vehicles of Smart People since 1976!

Oil Gard customers are smart with their money. They don't lease their new vehicles, they buy them. Or they know a gently used car or truck can be a great deal! Either way, they're savvy consumers and they want their vehicles to run well and look good for the long road. Oil Gard rust proofing will help them Duck the Rust on their rolling investments.

Any Vehicle, Any Age, Any time of Year

Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind Oil Gard rust proofing provides! Our rust-prevention formulas have proven themselves...with 40 years of Canadian winters under our belts and thousands of satisfied customers.

Join our growing network of Oil Gard Dealers

We will give you the tools you need to grow your business with a rust-prevention service your customers will appreciate and trust. We support our Oil Gard Dealers by regularly examining new market trends, conducting customer analyses and doing competitive research. Marketing programs specific to each Dealer's area are available to be developed with the help of Oil Gard Anti-Rust Canada Ltd.

Build More Business with Fleet Rust Prevention Services

With Oil Gard you can offer business organizations and corporations a volume-based vehicle rust proofing service that saves them time and money. Our Business Services team will help you put together a customized fleet protection plan based on the quantity and size of vehicles you want to attract.

"We have been using Oil Gard Anti-Rust to protect our Duo Building vehicles for more than 35 years, ever since they came to London in 1980. We can have up to a dozen trucks on the job at one time and we want to make sure we do what we can to keep them on the road. We have one truck that's 17 years old. There's no doubt it's an old truck, but it's all in one piece thanks to Oil Gard. I'm very pleased with their product and their service. They're a clean-cut straight forward bunch of people and I'm pleased to be able to recommend their services." Pat Malloy, Owner, Duo Building Ltd.

Contact Us today to receive an Oil Gard Dealer Information Package. If you're interested, we will also give you a log-in and password so you can visit the Oil Gard Dealer section at this website!